Our Approach

At Retirement Services of America, Inc., our philosophy is to first take the time to discover the needs and goals of our clients, and identify critical financial components that the client may not be aware of himself/herself or take into account in financial planning.  

After Discovery, we start the planning phase. This allows us to analyze whether the client’s needs and goals are truly attainable. We then customize a portfolio tailored to the specific needs of the client. The most crucial aspect is flexibility: making changes along the way when the client’s plans change or unexpected events occur, whether in the client’s health, his or her marital status, an unexpected change in his/her financial or employment status, or otherwise.

The famous saying “A failure to plan is a plan for failure” could not be any more accurate when talking about the success of an individual’s financial well-being. At Retirement Services of America, Inc., we always have a plan in mind for a client, yet we are not so rigid as to slavishly follow it if the client’s change of needs or circumstances calls for a revision in their plan.